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Is Genetic Testing for Addiction Real or Just a Scam? There’s Still a Lot to Proove

There were two major companies marketing genetic testing for addiction susceptibility: Proove Biosciences and Canterbury Healthcare’s Innovative Medical Testing. In a highly unregulated market of genetic predictive testing for addiction

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Addiction isn’t a Disease and it’s not about Weakness Either

“Addiction, it’s a disease.” “No, it’s not. The person is just weak.” Neither of these is true. But, these statements do spell out the confusion that surrounds the construct of addiction. Let me start by stating the truth – addiction is not a disease and it’s also not...

My Insurance Will Cover Addiction Treatment… Not So Fast!

When searching help for addiction, the first question people make is - Will You Take My Insurance? The real question is, will you take my insurance, and how much will it cover? My Insurance Will Cover Addiction Treatment... Not So Fast! Health insurance is a hot...

Prescription Only – Where Does It Stop?

Prescription Only – Where Does It Stop? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported on a Danish study regarding the increased cardiovascular risks of chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). That ibuprofen you’re popping for your headache or...

Nov 3rd

When Roseanne Barr Ran for President—Legalize Marijuana and Stop the Drug War

In case you missed it, Roseanne Barr ran for President of the United States in 2012 as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate of the “Green” Tea Party. She lost t CONTINUE READING

“Do You Know These Addiction First?”

The first term for alcoholism as a medical disease, “alcoholismus chronicus”, was coined by:

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