Classic Film Actors and Addiction

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This classic film noir star thought his career was over when he was arrested for smoking a marijuana cigarette at a private home party in 1948. With the help of Howard Hughes and a legal dream team, he was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 2 years probation and came back to a long and distinguished career including as the co-star of the original "Cape Fear" and his unnerving preacher/serial killer in "Night of the Hunter". He is:

This actor was considered an actor's actor playing many iconic roles including the original role of "Stanley Banks" in the original version of "Father of the Bride" starring a teenage Elizabeth Taylor. He also had a lifelong issue with drinking. His last film with the love of his life, Katherine Hepburn, was "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" with a young Sidney Poitier. He is:

This film actress was known for her amazing beauty as well as her acting talent, even as a child. She transformed from "National Velvet" to becoming "Maggie the Cat" and "Virginia Woolf". Her personal life was equally varied and included issues with alcohol and prescription drugs. She met one of her husbands while in rehab. She is:

This actress was known for her singing as well as her acting. Starting as "Baby Gumm" of the Gumm Sisters, she was a sensation who was supplied by studio doctors with prescription pills to keep off adolescent weight and work. She died of an overdose but her roles and music live on including the Christmas classic "Meet Me in St. Louis" which debuted "The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". She is:

In the 1950's, Good Housekeeping stated this actor “courageously permit[ted] himself to be one of the subjects of a psychiatric experiment with a drug that eventually may become an important tool in psychotherapy.” He became a major advocate for the use of LSD as a therapeutic tool with statements such as “I wanted to rid myself of all my hypocrises. I wanted to work through the events of my childhood, my relationship with my parents and my former wives. I did not want to spend years in analysis.” His body of work is legendary in screwball comedies with Irene Dunne, Katherine Hepburn, or Rosalind Russell. He was the only actor that Alfred Hitchcock said he ever enjoyed working with. Together they made stylish psychological thrillers. He is:

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