A Non Treatment Program The Differences

Core Differences, and how our model is more successful than Treatment.

You have seen that we are a non-12-step program throughout our site, but it is important to note that we are also a "non-treatment" program. Treatment programs are designed to treat pathology or illness. The act of using alcohol or drugs is not an illness; it is a behavior and a choice. Using medications and therapies to treat behaviors is not effective because all people maintain their power of choice over their own behaviors at all times.

At Saint Jude's we developed a comprehensive curriculum with three primary goals:

  • To debunk the mythology surrounding addiction and provide accurate information supported by the most rigorous research;
  • To provide people with practical exercises designed so they will become fully self-aware of thoughts, behaviors, motivations, interpersonal relationships, virtually all aspects of themselves; and
  • To encourage and assist people as they begin to envision their future life and ultimately make a plan for their personal fulfillment and success.

Where treatment seeks to control and is based on lies, distortions and bad science; our non-treatment method is rooted in personal freedom, the latest research in neuroscience and common sense.

DifferencesCompare our Program

  • Science Stand Behind the Addiction Science
  • Philosophy Philosophy Position on Empowerment
  • Judgement Human Relationship with Patient / Guest
  • On Addiction Beliefs are Different than Facts
  • Model More than the Philosophy. The Culture that Drives the Results
  • Methodology Ways in which Treatment Centers Teach the Disease Concept of Addiction VS our CBL Method
  • Privacy Where we stand regarding your Privacy VS the Medical Model
  • Customization Personalized Program VS One Size Fits All



  • Believes you have a brain disease.You Are Powerless.The Disease of Addiction is Incurable
  • Believes you genetically inherit an addiction gene. All Family Members are Diseased
  • Uses labels such as addict, diseased and alcoholic.
  • Believes that people have a chronic disease of addiction.
  • Creates limits & boundaries throughout treatment and in therapy sessions.
  • Uses therapy as basis of program.
  • Religious Affiliation Incorporated In Treatment. You Can Not Change and Only God can Save You
  • Implements Group Therapy Sessions and 12 Step Group meetings. In Treatment and Forever After
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