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Core Differences, and how The Freedom Model is more successful than Treatment.

You have seen that we offer a non-12-step approach throughout our site, but it is important to note that we are also "non-treatment". Treatment programs are designed to treat pathology or illness. The act of using alcohol or drugs is not an illness; it is a behavior and a choice. Using medications and therapies to treat behaviors is not effective because all people maintain their power of choice over their own behaviors at all times.

At THE FREEDOM MODEL we developed a comprehensive curriculum, The Freedom Model, with three primary goals:

  • To debunk the mythology surrounding addiction and provide accurate information supported by the most rigorous research;
  • To provide people with practical exercises designed so they will become fully self-aware of thoughts, behaviors, motivations, interpersonal relationships, virtually all aspects of themselves; and
  • To encourage and assist people as they begin to envision their future life and ultimately make a plan for their personal fulfillment and success.

Where treatment seeks to control and is based on lies, distortions and bad science; The Freedom Model's non-treatment methods are rooted in personal freedom, the latest research in neuroscience, and common sense.

DifferencesCompare ApproachES

  • Science Stand Behind the Addiction Science
  • Philosophy Philosophy Position on Empowerment
  • Judgment Human Relationship with Patient / Guest
  • On Addiction Beliefs are Different than Facts
  • Model More than the Philosophy. The Culture that Drives the Results
  • Methodology Ways in which Treatment Centers Teach the Disease Concept of Addiction VS The Freedom Model
  • Privacy Where we stand regarding your Privacy VS the Medical Model
  • Customization Personalized Program VS One Size Fits All



  • Believes you have a brain disease.You are powerless. The "Disease of Addiction" is Incurable
  • Believes you genetically inherit an addiction gene. All Family Members are Diseased
  • Uses labels such as addict, diseased and alcoholic.
  • Believes that people have a chronic disease of addiction.
  • Creates limits & boundaries throughout treatment and in therapy sessions.
  • Uses therapy as basis of program.
  • Religious Affiliation Incorporated In Treatment. "You Cannot Change and Only God can Save You"
  • Implements Group Therapy Sessions and 12 Step Group meetings. You're In Treatment and Forever Attached to "Recovery" – You're never free.
Let today be the day you find freedom.
Move Past The Addiction and Recovery Cycle.

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