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What is the cost of your program?

Regardless of your financial situation, the Saint Jude Retreats has a program for you. Pricing varies depending upon length of stay and which retreat is chosen. Please call our toll free number for current cost information

Do you have financing available?

There are some affordable financing options available through M-Lend Financing and other leading finance companies. Please give us a call for more information about all financing options.

Are my records truly private and confidential?

Any substance abuse treatment program that accepts medical insurance, that receives any local, state, or federal funding, or that falls under any state regulatory agencies for addiction treatment providers must keep medical records of each patient and make them accessible to any government agency, prospective employer, or insurance company upon request. The Saint Jude Retreats does not participate in government funding programs, does not work with health insurance companies, and, as a social-educational program, is not subject to the state regulatory agency requirements for drug treatment providers. We have maintained this independent status specifically so we can keep your records private.

Where are you located?

Currently we have two Saint Jude Retreats. Please call for locations. People come from all over the country and world to attend our unique and successful program. When you call, ask about assistance with travel arrangements, tours of our locations, and also our Family Liaison Services.

How long is your program?

Our program is six weeks in length. If you or your loved one feels you need a longer program, are limited to a shorter length of stay by work or other constraints, or are mandated to a certain program length, we offer personalized program options that can fit your needs. Please contact us and we will work to build a solution that works best for you.

Do you offer detox services?

Yes, we work with Gallus Detox Centers. We chose Gallus Detox because no other detox center in the country offers a medical method of detox like theirs. We can also arrange detox services in your area as well. Please call for information regarding detoxification

My Son / Daughter / Loved one is attending School / College. how can you help?

Our full time career and academic advisor will work directly with the school or college to either get your son or daughter's curriculum sent to Saint Jude's or get the work load deferred so you do not lose their college tuition. We also have a team of certified teachers to assist your son or daughter in getting through this difficult time. Do not hesitate to get help for your child based on the fear that their education will suffer. Remember that should they attend high school or college with no solution to their drug or alcohol problems, their school performance and education is sure to suffer. We can teach your son and daughter how to avoid this unnecessary situation while learning the skills to remain sober for a lifetime!

Do you have an Interventionist or offer Intervention services?

We understand that sometimes approaching your loved one about a drug or alcohol problem can be half the battle. While pop television shows may glamorize traditional, confrontational type interventions, research has shown this methodology to be ineffective and often has the detrimental effect of pushing your loved one even farther away from the help they need. But there is a solution. The Saint Jude Retreats' Family Liaison is not a traditional interventionist, but rather a program specialist whose mission is to assist you to effectively walk through the process of finding the help your loved one needs. Please call today for a free consultation.

Do you have a program for family members?

Saint Jude's offers a members only website called the Saint Jude Corner to all families upon admission of their loved one to the Saint Jude Program. Immediately upon booking a reservation, family member(s) will be emailed an invitation to login to the Saint Jude Corner site. This site provides family members access to up-to-date program materials, a reading list, and information about each retreat house including a listing of staff, meals, with class, and social activities schedules. It also provides educational information written specifically for parents and family members. Sundays at the Retreats are Family Days and family and loved ones are welcome to visit. A family brunch is served Sunday mornings and a family dinner is served in the afternoon. We hope you can attend often.

Do you have aftercare or any kind of support after program completion?

You and your family can have as much contact with program staff post program as you want or feel you may need at no additional cost. We are always here to help. Within the first few days of entrance into our program, each guest begins the Transitional Planning component by meeting privately a minimum of twice per week with one of our Transitional Planning Advisors. As each person's circumstances, needs, and goals are different, these meetings are designed for the purpose of helping each guest to build a plan for their future post program. Whereas treatment programs encourage people to focus only on living "one-day-at-a-time", the Saint Jude Program knows the importance of having a plan and looking forward to the future in a positive light. By beginning to envision their future after the program from the very first few days in our program, our guests start the process of changing immediately. Throughout this process, each guest will decide what, if any, formalized post-program services they feel could be beneficial as they make a personalized plan for their future. Additionally, throughout the program, guests build meaningful relationships with our program staff. After leaving the program, many guests choose to maintain contact with program staff via phone, text, social media, or email for a period of time as they implement the plan they developed while in the program. Many guests and their families find this especially helpful within the first few days, weeks, and months after returning home. This service is provided at no additional cost and can last for as long as the guest and the family feel is necessary or desired.

Can you help with work or legal issues?

We have worked with law enforcement agencies and employers throughout the country. Upon your request, we can provide enrollment letters, completion letters, drug screening results, and any other information requested by law enforcement or an employer to help you to fulfill your obligations.

What is your success rate? How is it measured?

Periodically, Saint Jude invites an independent research organization to conduct a follow-up survey of our graduate population. A call is made to a random sampling of program graduates to inquire as to their sobriety status. Then a second phone call is made to a corroborating witness for each graduate, usually the person who provided the financial help for the guest to attend our program. Currently our success rate is 62%. Sober statistics are based on abstinence from all substances. While there are graduates who have successfully moderated their substance use and dramatically improved their lives, they still fall into the actively using category for the purposes of statistical analysis. In short, we do not bias results or fabricate data for promotional purposes as so many other programs do. Research our Success Rate

What are your credentials and are you licensed?

The Saint Jude Retreats are regulated by the Department of Health and the Attorney General Charities Bureau. We are a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Our Directors, Assistant Directors, and Instructors come from a variety of professional backgrounds including education, administration, and mental health to name a few. All our instructors are CBL Certified, the most stringent certification process in all of the substance use education field. The Saint Jude Retreats offer a social/educational approach rather than a medical treatment program. All medical appointments are administered by licensed professionals off site. Transportation to and from these appointments is provided.

Is the Saint Jude Program a Religious Program?

We understand that the Saint Jude name could lead people to believe that we are a religious organization offering a religious program, although we are not. The Saint Jude Program is not a religious program, nor do we teach people they must "find God" or spirituality to achieve sobriety as those programs have been shown to have much lower rates of success.

Why are you called SAINT Jude?

The founders of the Saint Jude Retreats are Catholic and have chosen to honor Saint Jude by giving the program and retreats his name. The Saint Jude Retreats were built from the ground up through the hard work, generosity, and kindness of those who believed in our mission to build the most effective program to help people to overcome substance abuse. There were many volunteers who helped to remodel our houses and financial supporters who kept our doors open through those first several challenging years. Often the founders went to Saint Jude, the patron of hopeless causes, to ask for his help as they built the program and today they credit Saint Jude for helping them to make the Saint Jude Program the most effective substance abuse program nationwide.

Where does your research and program COME FROM?

The non-profit Baldwin Research Institute, our parent organization, has been conducting research since the 1980's and continues to develop and track effective approaches to substance abuse. Visit the institute at www.baldwinresearch.com. However, the effectiveness of our program is independently evaluated by outside research organizations.

Do You Have a Program for Veterans?

Yes, we serve those who once fought for our country and to whom we owe so much. Call to Learn more about how our program and the special arrangements made to our Veterans

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The St. Jude Retreats are regulated by the Department of Health and the Attorney General Charities Bureau. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Saint Jude Retreats are not religious facilities. The Saint Jude Retreats provides Cognitive Behavioral Learning programs and does not provide services requiring certification by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

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