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Freedom: The New Choice

Addiction is a fundamental lack of mental and emotional freedom. It is that horrible feeling that you are stuck, and unable to change. It is the mental cage, a boxed mindset, a fearful belief that something else controls your mind (you) and your body. The new choice is freedom, the undoing of those misinformed mental, emotional and physical shackles.

Do You Wante to be Free?

If you want to be free, truly free, then our Program is the right fir for you. If you want to hang onto a victim mentality, then it's not. Our goal is simple - clear away the misinformation so you can see just how powerful you are and always have been. As we clear the myths away, we will fill their void with an intuitive understanding of your inherent ability to create and direct the course of your own life.

It's a wonderful thing to know you no longer have to live in fear and remorse. You can move on and be free! You can change all your troubling emotional and behavioral patterns - even those that may have felt out of your own control. You can be happy, fulfilled and energized. You can grow out of the recovery society and into your own version of self-created bliss. We have decades of research and experience to share with you.

The Methodology

Cognitive Behavioral Learning

RECOGNIZE Your Human Attributes

  • Positive Drive Principle (PDP) - the natural drive toward happiness behind all human behavior. People do what they believe is their best feasible option for achieving a satisfying, happy existence at any given moment of time.
  • Free Will - the unique human ability to choose. It is also an imperative. If a man doesn't choose, then he doesn't behave in any way. All behavior is chosen.
  • Autonomy - the independent nature of the human mind. It is why we can't be forced to think or feel (emotionally) in any particular way by any one or thing outside of ourselves. It is also why personal change is a choice, we choose to think, and we choose what to think, which in turn directs our actions.

The primary purpose of CBL is to help the substance user to examine his/her thoughts, choices, motivations, and goals; and then build new habits that are more in line with those goals.

Our method will enable you to rethink behaviors and habits associated with drug and alcohol use, on your own, not by coercion, manipulation and moral judgments of a therapist or counselor who barely knows you.

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