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Cognitive Behavioral Learning

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Let us show you how this incredible, life changing process will look for you in more detail.

Our Non-12 Step Program focuses on empowering you to change behaviors and solve lifelong self-defeating habits such as drug and alcohol use. The program targets your specific challenges, needs, concerns, hopes, goals, and dreams. Simultaneously, you will be building your self-confidence to handle old challenges and new stressors you may encounter when you return home through practical, real life exercises while you are enrolled in the program. In addition, the social aspects of our program will provide you with the confidence and necessary life skills to return home and build a fulfilling life.

While In The Program

  • You will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect - You will NEVER be labeled as an addict or alcoholic.
  • You will learn you are in control of your future and the choices you make - You will NEVER be taught you are diseased or that you are powerless.
  • We will work together in building a future filled with happiness and purpose - You will NEVER be judged by your past.

This intensive, yet caring and comfortable environment will arm you with the Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) tools you need to achieve long lasting success. The program is structured into 3 different modules that address addiction.

Module 1: Shedding the Addict / Alcoholic Identity. Building Hope Through Empowerment

During the first module of the Program, you will be presented with the research that disproves the addiction/alcoholism disease theory that has left you feeling hopeless.

Through this empowering process, you will grow to understand that you are not powerless, nor are you diseased, and you are able to leave behind addiction and its damaging consequences. This module provides a solid and factual foundation for the next two modules of the program.

Module 2: ABSA - Axiom Based Self-Analysis

During this module, you will be guided through a process that helps identify and address behavior patterns, emotional problems, and personal habits, both negative and positive. As you move forward in the process, a greater emphasis is placed on building more positive habits to replace ineffective and counterproductive habits such as drinking to excess, using drugs, living in shame, and being unhappy. Many users struggle with adapting to changing circumstances, as well as being responsible for behaviors and habits, and, as a result, they live in deep shame based on poor decision making. All of these aspects of life are addressed in detail in this second module. (CBL) will provide you with tools to help build new thought patterns, new behaviors, and positive habits that align with your newly discovered personal goals. This phase is crucial for identifying and overcoming the ineffective, unproductive, or self-limiting habits of the past and building more positive, self-empowering habits to propel you to a successful, fulfilling future.

Module 3: Life Movements - Mapping Your Future

This last module might be the most powerful component of our program for you. It is during this final module that you will build a detailed blueprint of the person you would like to become, so when you return home you can feel confident in your future. You will build a personal goals plan based on your wants, values, and needs. This self-created plan contains virtually every facet of your life, including career, family, social, and material goals. By this point in the program, you fully understand that you have always been responsible for your future success and that you are now armed with a life plan that is based on what you want to achieve.

Outside the Scope of Addiction

Ensuring You Return Home with a Plan for Continuing Success.

FOCUS Electives

As each person's needs, circumstances, and goals are unique, researchers at St. Jude's have developed an integrated program that can be customized for each individual. Within each of the 3 core program modules described above is content that deals specifically with issues that are unique to you.

These personalized and integrated content options are called Saint Jude Focus Electives. The Saint Jude Focus Electives address areas of need or interest, outside the scope of addiction, that you choose to work on to maximize and sustain your personal growth even as you complete the program and return home.

For instance, you may need information and logistical support to relocate to a new area after the program, go back to or re-enter college, navigate through a divorce, re-establish positive family relationships, or discuss career options with your employer based on poor performance when you were using.

You will receive a consultation with a Focus Electives Advisor to determine your best Focus Elective choices and the appropriate program content to address your specific needs in every Focus Elective you choose.

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