Ryan Schwantes

Saint Jude Retreat President

Ryan Schwantes joined Saint Jude's after moving to New York. Mr. Schwantes moved from Wisconsin, where he was born and raised. Ryan was trained in finance and business operations, and after working with the company for over a decade, was sworn in as President. Mr. Schwantes oversees all business aspects of the company and is dedicated to the mission of Saint Jude's, which is to change the treatment industry to a solution that works.

Ryan has also studied fitness training, nutrition and sports performance and has a passion for helping people achieve their goals as it pertains to health and fitness as well. Ryan believes that individuals are capable of achieving whatever it is they set their minds to and when he's not working on changing the treatment industry, he's helping others live a happy and healthy life through his knowledge in the health and fitness field.

Ryan resides in New York with his wife and 2 sons.

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